Piranha vs. Mammoth – Predator Appliances that chew up Big Data

Here is what we'll be covering in our Big Data Appliance Review Webinar at the BrightTalk Big Data Summit:

  1. Appliances are Small and Quick, Right?
  2. Revealing the 6 Types of Big Data Appliances
  3. Uncovering the Main Players
  4. Which Big Data Appliance should YOU use?
  5. Challenges, Pitfalls, and Winning the Big Data Game
  6. Where is all this leading YOU to?

The slides:



Here is the list of the main players we are currently reviewing:

Oracle, Cloudera , Hortonworks, TeraData, Quantum Store Next, EMC GreenPlum, 
IBM Big data analytics, Red Hat Storage 2.0, Data Direct Networks (DDN)
Cray YarcData's "Urika", Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR), Microsoft
MapR Amazon EMR and Google Compute Engine, Google AppEngine-MapReduce library
As we reach the podcast date (18 Sep 2012), we will release more parts from our review, so you would want to bookmark this page...
If you represent one of them and would like to have a quick chat with us over the phone to make sure we didn't miss anything, drop us a note by commenting on this post and we'll be happy to call you and talk.
If you think we should add more solutions to our review - please comment here, so we can consider doing so.


Piranha vs. Mammoth - Predator Appliances that chew up Big Data