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Remote Support connection in 30 seconds or less – is it possible?

Tell me something…how much time did it take for you to get your recent customer’s (or friend’s) computer remote desktop connection set?
I bet it took much more than few minutes…
I guess that at the end of the process you were both pulling out your hairs
(and I don’t have too much of those as you can see on my picture 🙂 )
It is not the technology, its the process which is making us run like crazy!
Checkout a cool remote support solution – they say you can use in 30 seconds or less.

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Labor Day 2009: How the Mafia took over Google (Again)

I was doing my regular daily security alert review when my eye caught this message: Hackers have used advanced SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to have their link appear on top of Google search results for searches related to “labor day”. Imagine this: You live in the US, you just got your labor day vacation […]

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