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IT Professional iTune Channels and Acceleration of Video Speed

IT Professional Career involves learning, and a major part is delivered on Video.
I found that using iTunes Podcasts is a very convenient way to learn.
You get tons of video lessons, news, how to stuff and more Automatically
to your destop as well as to your iTouch/iPhone.
Here is a list of recent Computing Magazines based channels I picked
This should save you some time as you listen or watch instead of read 🙂

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My 2 Top Secret Accelerated Learning Tools – and Your information technology career

Information Technology Career…many times it is about how much information
you can absorb, process, and then spit out a great wisdom in the right moment.
That is why you probably read several magazines, skim through several newsletters,
README docs, listen to web casts, watch the latest Video Course and so on and on.
Do you also feel sometimes like your head is going to explode?

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Need your IT Professional advise about “No time and yet lots to learn”

I think we are a lot a like… We don’t have a spare minute during our workday and even not afterwards when we’re at home, spending time with our dear ones, taking care of our health, maybe enjoying hobbies on the weekends. Even so, at all times we want to know more, get ahead of […]

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How to shine in your workplace and fight back the recession

Guess we are all a bit worried those days…hearing and seeing all the recession related news… I was thinking how we can shine above all this, and help our companies as well as ourselves to succeed and go through all the challenges… So I want to share with you several resources I have found. I’ll […]

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The Dip – must read/listen – Personal Development Breakthrough – learn to identify which projects to stick to or drop

You probably know that feeling, as you start reading an amazing life changing book… It grabs your attention from page one, like a rabbit hypnotized by your car’s lights, you want to read more, drink it all at once, although you know you will go through major hurdles…but you know it is worth it. That’s […]

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