QA Test Scale Dilemma, Social IT and the Big Shared Cloud

Will your application behave as expected even when it is introduced with huge amount of activity?

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At some point when your latest application release starts to be used by many big customers, the dreadful question is raised and you'd probably want to look at several factors:

  1. Amount of transactions per (minute, hour, day, etc.) - how does multithreading, scaling and memory cleanup work in your app?
  2. Total amount of items gathered (items, customers, etc.) - how does your data architecture withstand lots of writes and read as well as lifetime cycle maintenance operations?
  3. Variety of data inputs may trigger situations your application was not set to handle
  4. Load and timeouts on the network systems, beginning at the remote device the customer uses, through the WAN, into your LAN and the relevant servers and storage systems.
  5. How does the 3rd party tools your application uses, perform under the load?

Of course when you have customers who have smaller activity size, you can afford to setup a full scale testing environment that matches theirs. But at some point (hopefully) your customers will have so much activity, that would be very costly to setup in your lab to test.

Then you would need to face either a major spending to setup a test environment that is closest to what your customers have, or relay on simulation, where software simulates many transaction instances as well as their different edge fail situations and timeouts.

In the rise of Cloud Computing it would seem possible to "loan" resources from major suppliers such as Virtual Servers from Amazon (EC2) or lower price alternatives such as Virtual Servers from 1And1 or others. However, it is still costly if you aim to maintain a testing environment over time.

So, are we destined to revert to simulation only?

Let me share with you a new (Innovative) approach...but first...

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Now, let me share with you a new approach for Mass Scale testing. I call it The Big Shared Cloud.

The Big Shared Cloud:

  1. It is all about sharing. You give and then you receive so much more
  2. Everyone builds Hybrid Clouds anyway, but they use it for themselves.
  3. We use the same technology and solutions that comprise the Hybrid Cloud to setup a Big Shared Cloud
  4. CA Technologies for example sets their own testing cloud, Oracle does the same and so do other companies.
  5. What happens if all those separate Hybrid Clouds are made available to all the participant companies?
  6. Every company spends what it can, but gets access to so much more
  7. The test environment has a much wider variety as every company pre-loads its own software.
  8. The Big Shared Cloud can be turned into a great marketing tool showing off company's products in a helpful way.
  9. Time sharing of the resources and security management will require special attention, but hey, you need to invest into stuff that matters!

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW  IT Revolution EMERGING: The Social IT Powered by the Big Shared Cloud

Anyway, what's your thoughts on this?


  1. Virtual Servers from Amazon (EC2)
  2. Virtual Servers from 1And1


Cloud Computing Virtual Servers and the Big Shared Cloud