Do IT Professionals need an Elevator Pitch?

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You, the IT Professional, probably will shoot an automatic "No" in response to my question. "My value", you'd murmur, "is so apparent! If I do not show up to work, nothing gets done in my realm! Servers do not get purchased, installed and used. Software breaks and does not get fixed, and clients or users run away from their desktop, shouting cries full of despair and horror".

Understood, and yet, maybe you can use the Elevator Pitch for your IT Professional career and projects. Let us take a look at it.

Indeed, the Elevator pitch is seldom used by entrepreneurs, people who create startups or businesses, to quickly engage with owners of capital or other resources, and communicate the huge value they can provide, once they get support for their initiative.

However, wouldn't you like to:

  1. Get support for your Cloud Computing, Big Data or any other project initiative?
  2. Get funding for a new shining IT Professional course?
  3. Get nominated to join an IT career development opportunity?
  4. Get approval for the new year's IT Hardware and Software budget?
  5. Get credit for a new IT project you have just finished?
  6. Get your interviewer for a new IT job, immediately understand why they should consider you as a great nominee?

If so, then whatever your IT Professional role is, you want to be able to:

  1. Compellingly communicate your value in less than 30 seconds
  2. Be able to answer the key questions to capture attention and get support
  3. Create and adjust your Elevator Pitch to any situation you encounter
  4. Make yourself unique and unforgettable
  5. Unlock what could become missed opportunities
So what do you think?
Do IT Professionals need an Elevator Pitch?
Do you master and can share real life stories about successful Elevator Pitches?
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