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In this guide you will learn why the current standard mobile security solutions are bound to fail, and what is the “Ultimate Green Force Defender”, you can use to cope with Mobile Security threats.

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Why Mobile Security Solutions are bound to fail and The Green Force Defender

This is another "Power (Brainstorming) Guide" published by the "IT Professionals Reporting from the Trenches" service, the fruit of dozens of years of experience, packed into quick simple easy to read guides you can use to brainstorm new innovative ways to make your computing systems work and your clients happy.

Download the Mobile Security Power Guide here

Table of contents:

  1. The controversial article posted several days ago on
  2. The Gremlins in your Data Center
    1. Naughty APPs
    2. “Compulsive” Sharing
    3. “No File System for you today!"
    4. “You have just been Rooted…”
  3. The main issue stems from this use case
  4. Poll: How much is your Office Network Protected from Mobile Threats?
  5. So what can we do?
    1. Filter Network Access / Protocols
    2. Affective User Education
  6. But how about some new stuff…
    1. Shields up!
    2. “Social Security”
    3. “Crowd Sourcing – The Good, Bad and Ugly"
    4. “Mobile Honeypots”
    5. “Turbo Threat Detection” - using “Big Data”
    6. “EEATT – Encrypt Everything All The Time”
    7. The Day After Tomorrow
  7. How to get more Power Guides and other great resources
  8. So what’s next?


Download the Mobile Security Power Guide here