Steve Jobs, 17 Top Innovation Tips for IT Professionals

Get here the essense of all Steve Jobs life lessons

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IT Professional Relaxed, Long Vacation, 10 Magic Rules

The 10 Magic Rules for an IT Professional worry free, long enjoyable vacation, as well as energized work day. Try it out now, before you even start planning your next IT Professional vacation.

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Can IT Professionals take Real Vacations?

Are you, my fellow IT Professional, looking back at the last two
months as well, and asking yourself, if you had a real vacation?
Read what other IT Professionals say about this on this poll here…

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Old fashion style job hunting? :-)

Can IT Professionals do such Resume Video as well?
Take a look at that cool “old fashion style job hunting” 🙂

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A Wonderful New Trick IT Professionals can use to Create Innovative Ideas

Hey IT Professional! Today something wonderful happened.
It is not the first time this has happened.
But it is the first time I noticed it in the context of innovation.
Did you ever happen to be used to get something in a certain way,
and then suddenly be deprived of having this channel?

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Should IT Professionals be BLOGGING to boost their career?

Should IT Professionals be BLOGGING o boost their career?
Should an IT Professional build an online presence and how?
Read it all here…

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Virtual War — in Your Data Center and How to deal with users demand for Virtual Server permissions?

Virtual Server makes IT Professional’s lives easier in many ways.
But now as IT Professionals can set up Virtual PCs
and Virtual Servers do easily, so can users do.
And this can cause a real mess in some situations…
Here is what you can do about it…

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The Cloud and the Ultimate Appliance…what is Your Choice – Linux (Redhat), Linux(Oracle) or Linux(Centos)?

The Cloud and Server Consolidation as well as Appliances go hand by hand,
and most of those solution seem to be using Linux.
This article takes a look at a situation you may be experiencing right NOW:
If you were to buy an appliance, and you had the option to choose whether it
will be based on either Redhat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux or CentOS
what would you choose and why.

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