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Do IT Professionals need an Elevator Pitch?

Here is why IT Professionals need to create Elevator Pitchs:
Get support for your Cloud Computing, Big Data or any other project initiative?
Get funding for a new shining IT Professional course?
Get nominated to join an IT career development opportunity?
Get approval for the new year’s IT Hardware and Software budget?
Get credit for a new IT project you have just finished?
Get your interviewer for a new IT job, immediately understand why they should consider you as a great nominee?

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IT Professionals and Invasion of the CIxOs

If you have anything to do with Information Technology, you are probably feeling something major has shifted. The sphere of influence for you as an IT Professional has been widened. The IT Professional role that has been affected the most is the CIO. It has actually been extinguished. Enter the age of the CIxO. Here is Susan’s story: Susan was accustomed to confronting new challenges…

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Steve Jobs Bio – Last part of Innovation Tips

Steve Jobs Innovation Tips highlights of more than 35 hours of listening to the latest books and resources, aiming to scoop any innovation tip I can find – Get it Now for Immediate Use.

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Steve Jobs, 17 Top Innovation Tips for IT Professionals

Get here the essense of all Steve Jobs life lessons

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IT Professional Relaxed, Long Vacation, 10 Magic Rules

The 10 Magic Rules for an IT Professional worry free, long enjoyable vacation, as well as energized work day. Try it out now, before you even start planning your next IT Professional vacation.

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Can IT Professionals take Real Vacations?

Are you, my fellow IT Professional, looking back at the last two
months as well, and asking yourself, if you had a real vacation?
Read what other IT Professionals say about this on this poll here…

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Old fashion style job hunting? :-)

Can IT Professionals do such Resume Video as well?
Take a look at that cool “old fashion style job hunting” 🙂

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A Wonderful New Trick IT Professionals can use to Create Innovative Ideas

Hey IT Professional! Today something wonderful happened.
It is not the first time this has happened.
But it is the first time I noticed it in the context of innovation.
Did you ever happen to be used to get something in a certain way,
and then suddenly be deprived of having this channel?

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