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Your Mobile Security POWER Guide is Ready for Download

In this guide you will learn why the current standard mobile security solutions are bound to fail, and what is the “Ultimate Green Force Defender”, you can use to cope with Mobile Security threats. Download it Now Here.

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Is Amazon REALLY responsible for Instagram, Netflicks and other outages?

Let's review the recent 30 June Amazon Cloud failure: Amazon never said their EC2 is bullet proof of local regional outages – checkout their EC2 highlights here: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/#highlights It says "The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region". Nothing here mentions cross region high availability. The Amazon S3 […]

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Hadoop Kit In a Box (Cloudera Big Data Appliance Setup / Review)

Why is Big Data and NOSQL so important now and how can you play with a Hadoop setup of your own, in minutes.
The Cloudera Hadoop appliance review video and hadoop cloudera summary review slides will serve any IT Professional as well as anyone interested in finding out what’s all the fuss about Big Data.
The detailed Hadoop Cloudera kit setup slides will show you exactly how to quickly setup Hadoop and upload a Unix/Linux messages log file (as an example) and analyze it in a new way that was never available before.

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IT Professionals and Invasion of the CIxOs

If you have anything to do with Information Technology, you are probably feeling something major has shifted. The sphere of influence for you as an IT Professional has been widened. The IT Professional role that has been affected the most is the CIO. It has actually been extinguished. Enter the age of the CIxO. Here is Susan’s story: Susan was accustomed to confronting new challenges…

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iROBOT – Apple’s UnderGround Project?

All the iProducts Apple has been creating could be much more than just selling great products. It might be directing us into a brave new world. My intuition leads me to believe that all those, and specially Apple’s iCloud and Siri might become the foundation of the new Robotics revolution.
Is this reality designed by Apple, or just an accidental outcome? What are the clear signs for this reality? What are the dangers as well as amazing benefits to you? Feel free to add your thoughts and questions…

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IT Professional Relaxed, Long Vacation, 10 Magic Rules

The 10 Magic Rules for an IT Professional worry free, long enjoyable vacation, as well as energized work day. Try it out now, before you even start planning your next IT Professional vacation.

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Can IT Professionals take Real Vacations?

Are you, my fellow IT Professional, looking back at the last two
months as well, and asking yourself, if you had a real vacation?
Read what other IT Professionals say about this on this poll here…

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Server Consolidation and The Cloud – It Is All About The People

Here’s what’s happening in Consolidation and Cloud-based projects: people usually tend to focus on the technology and hardware, which is quite natural. You can get fairly good results in this area. But you’ll probably find out, that such projects that tend to focus on the technological aspects are in danger. Want to know more on how to overcome the challenges? Read part 2 of “Episode 1 – Server Consolidation and The Cloud – It Is All About The People” at my IT Professional Blog…

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