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iROBOT – Apple’s UnderGround Project?

All the iProducts Apple has been creating could be much more than just selling great products. It might be directing us into a brave new world. My intuition leads me to believe that all those, and specially Apple’s iCloud and Siri might become the foundation of the new Robotics revolution.
Is this reality designed by Apple, or just an accidental outcome? What are the clear signs for this reality? What are the dangers as well as amazing benefits to you?¬†Feel free to add your thoughts and questions…

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Steve Jobs Bio – Last part of Innovation Tips

Steve Jobs Innovation Tips highlights of more than 35 hours of listening to the latest books and resources, aiming to scoop any innovation tip I can find – Get it Now for Immediate Use.

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Steve Jobs, 17 Top Innovation Tips for IT Professionals

Get here the essense of all Steve Jobs life lessons

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