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QA Test Scale Dilemma, Social IT and the Big Shared Cloud

If you run Mass Scale QA testing (full scale or simulated) you’d want to learn this new approach that can save you time and money, using the Big Shared Cloud.

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Server Consolidation and The Cloud – It Is All About The People

Here’s what’s happening in Consolidation and Cloud-based projects: people usually tend to focus on the technology and hardware, which is quite natural. You can get fairly good results in this area. But you’ll probably find out, that such projects that tend to focus on the technological aspects are in danger. Want to know more on how to overcome the challenges? Read part 2 of “Episode 1 – Server Consolidation and The Cloud – It Is All About The People” at my IT Professional Blog…

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Virtual War — in Your Data Center and How to deal with users demand for Virtual Server permissions?

Virtual Server makes IT Professional’s lives easier in many ways.
But now as IT Professionals can set up Virtual PCs
and Virtual Servers do easily, so can users do.
And this can cause a real mess in some situations…
Here is what you can do about it…

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